Research Article

Healthcare Transformation Collaborating and Leading

Aline Nassar

Nursing & HealthCare

Transforming the healthcare model to team-based patient-centered care is the direction healthcare systems are heading to, this millennium. This aspired contemporary health model is the core of Healthcare Transformation, which when favorably achieved, will positively impact both the patient and the system through enhancing patient experience and satisfaction, improving health outcomes and reducing unnecessary redundant interventions as well as healthcare cost. Nursing professionals, who drive and steer the healthcare service delivery, are integral to materializing this transformation through collaborating, leading and successfully routing this reform. Hence, understanding how nursing practice should be considerably different is vital to delivering the expected level of patient-centered care and pronounces the intensity of the role of nurses. Consequently, to effectively coordinate and lead, nurses need to be proactively, passionately and efficiently involved in this transformation which requires a renewed skill set that focuses on patient-centered care, care coordination, and quality advancement.