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An Evidence-Based Smartphone-Based Intervention To Manage Work-related Fatigue among Nurses

Khaldoun Ismail, Rochelle Wynne, Stephen McNally, Steve Frost and Albara Alomari

November 02, 2020 - Webinar

Scientific Tracks Abstracts : Nursing & HealthCare

Background: Work-related Fatigue is a common problem among nurses. It has many negative impacts on nurses, patients and organizations as a whole. Many studies have been conducted to explore solutions and develop management strategies to reduce nurse fatigue. However, there is a lack of empirical data to identify a simple, acceptable and feasible smartphone app-based intervention to assist nurses’ identifying and managing their fatigue.

Aim: To develop an evidence-based mobile phone application storyboard that will be piloted prior to developing a smartphone app that will assist emergency nurses to identify and reduce their work-related fatigue.

Method: This Project will use a mixed-methods study design and will follow the Medical Research Council Framework designed to develop and evaluate complex interventions. The Project will consist of two main phases; the first is the development phase, which will be accomplished by conducting a Systematic Review and a Qualitative Study evaluating participant responses to fatigue management strategies. The second quantitative phase will consist of a pilot study (Survey) to test the feasibility of the proposed mobile phone application prior to its development.

Findings: The findings from this project will evaluate the current strategies used by emergency nurses’ to identify and manage their fatigue and evaluate the storyboard used to develop a smartphone app-based intervention.

Potential Research Impact: This project will have a significant impact in three ways, the firstly, by enhancing knowledge among emergency nurses regarding the importance of fatigue management. Secondly, the results from the systematic review, will contribute baseline knowledge for all healthcare professionals and employers to assist with identifying and managing work-related fatigue. Lastly, will be the development of a new smartphone application specifically designed to assist nurses to identify and manage their work-related fatigue.


Khaldoun Ismail, RN, MSN, PhD Candidate at School of Nursing and Midwifery, Western Sydney University,